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Update by user Jun 08, 2012

Hi, At this time the matter has not been resolved. I have now involved law enforcement.

My next step is the Federal system for a violation of the Federal Truth and Lending. This consumer victimization needs to stop.

At some point I will be notifying my local state representative. We need legislation and then maybe this unethical behavior will stop.

Original review posted by user Jun 04, 2012

I purchased a vehicle from Eric Hill Nissan in 2011. LoJack was added to my vehicle.

I was told the system was free. After attempting to trade the vehicle in recently, I discovered that the numbers did not agree. I contacted NMAC and requested a copy of my contract. The signatures on the contract are "NOT" mine.

Mr. Hill has yet to return my call or his general manager. I have made a formal complaint with LA New Car Commissioner, LA State Police, BBB and NMAC.

Their only concern is to move a unit at any cost. Consumers be ware.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I just wanted to take the opportunity to do a brief update. At this time I am still working with law enforcement with regards to the forgery.

Please know that the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission governs the dealerships.

Their website is The dealer's responses are a joke and will be dealt with in the proper venue......stay tuned!


This is the B:) part to what I said earlier. Car sales people have a bad enough name.

They should try to not live up to that bad name but to do better than what is thought about them. This was my first car buying experience at a car dealership (Eric Hill Nissan). This was the worse experience I believe could have been possible. This was due to the all and out repeated false representations.

There is not enough time to express my absolute dissatisfaction with Eric Hill Nissan as a whole or it's sales staff. No one should want or need to sell anything that badly to where all basic integrity is loss just to make a sale.


This is very believable because I too was falsely represented in the entrance of car purchase contract. This situation is an almost mirrored image of what I too am going through up to but not limited to unanswered or returned phone calls. Have you been able to resolve your situation and if so do you have ideas for me?