New Orleans, Louisiana

My husband and I had been without a car for almost two years and had enough money in savings to purchase a car in full. On August 17, we went looking for cars.

When we drove up, we were greeted immediately. We were asked what we were looking for and what our spending range was. We gave that information... something used and no more than $10,000.

We had already looked at several other locations and had not been happy with what we'd seen. We were told she had the perfect car for us and essentially refused to show us anything else, claiming there wasn't anything else in our price range. We like the car and the price is right. So we head in and start the paperwork, which shouldn't have taken very long seeing as we were paying cash.

Only, she kept coming back with apologies about telling us the car was $10,000 (actually a little less than that)... the sticker price was higher and we questioned her about it but she said that the dealership had a sales quota to meet for the day so they were lowering the prices to get the sales needed. The car was actually $12,000 and she shows us the paperwork supposedly attached to the car to prove she had no choice but to sell it to us for more than she quoted. Only the paperwork wasn't actually for the car we had looked at.

The mileage on it was significantly more and the color was wrong and some other things we knew about the car wasn't matching what was on this sheet. I don't think we were supposed to notice that. They eventually agree to take some amount off for some *** that we didn't request because we were about to walk out. The salesperson tells us that we are to come back in two weeks to pick up the plate.

Only when we go back in two weeks, the plate isn't there. We should have been told that when the plate arrived, they would send out a post card. We get the post card in the mail a couple of weeks later and I notice that my last name is spelled wrong on the title. I assume, correctly, that the misspelling was because they used the title to get the name and address for the post card.

I show it to the person who handed me the plate and the title and she brings it to someone else and then brings it back to me and says to keep the plate and the paperwork and they would fix it and send me a corrected one. This was September 17. In the mean time, my registration from the DMV comes in with the same misspelling. In October, when I realize it's been at least a month since I'd picked up the plate and still hadn't gotten a corrected title, I called the dealership and asked to speak to someone who deals with the titles.

They transferred me and no one answered. So she takes my name and number. No one calls me back. Today, November 27, over two months since I picked up the plate, I called and asked to speak to the supervisor of the person who does the titles.

I get put on hold and I assume transferred. No one answers. Again, she takes my name and number. I tell her I'll be available to take calls after 1 p.m.

No one has called me back. I told her I was pissed off.

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